Harriet Jane Blundell
Contact: harrietjaneillustration@gmail.com
Instagram: @harrietjane_illustration @doanddieclothing

- 1st class B.A. Illustration with Animation
- Manchester School of Art Alumnus
 - Freelance Illustrator/Animator 
- Owner and Designer of Do and Die Clothing

Artist Statement: 
Illustrator, Animator, Photographer, Merchandise Designer and lover of working in the Alternative Music Scene.
The Liminal Space is a concept which underpins a large amount of my work and ideology. The perception of liminality (meaning the space in between) interests me because it is a space which is often forgotten about and overlooked. Yet that is the space where things change, time breaks down and we can become. 
I like to present these ideas in the form of collage and both traditional and digital illustration/animation by creating textured layers of narratives around a white space. The white space represents that in between and the void in time and space.
I am currently exploring the technologies and potential 'Augmented Reality' can offer to my work. I enjoy creating both illustrations and animations and Augmented Reality (AR) allows for these two things to come together and not stand separately like they have done before. Breaking the barriers between digital and traditional art is something I have always wanted to do with my work, and AR is currently enabling me to do so. 
I am also building my client list up, working with alternative music acts around the United Kingdom. I use their lyrics and feel of the music to start my designs for single, album covers and or merchandise designs. Current music and alternative clothing brand clients include: Abbie Falls, Asleep at the Helm, Above Our Instinct, ACID CTRL, Ashes to Angels, Clashmute, Codel, Downfall, Defile, Exist the Fall, In Depths, Killing Morton, Lure In, No:ir, Nothing Dies Apparel, Octopus Montage, Old Wharf, Reawaken and Wild Side Apparel.

Graduate Degree Show, Manchester Metropolitan University - June 2018
Look Book - Benzie Vertical Gallery, Manchester - December 2017
Narrative Encounters, Manchester City Art Gallery - June 2017
Unit X - London Scottish House, Manchester - May 2016

Print Fairs
Unearthed Festival, Manchester - ~January 2020
A Curious Collection, The Old Bank, Withington - November - December 2018
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