This project explores how the area of Saddleworth, Manchester is a Liminal Space.
The definition of the Liminal Space is a space that is neither here nor there. A space that floats in its existance without every being noticed by the outside world. 
Saddleworth lives in a bubble. It neither interferes not is interfered with. It is a place that neither is nor was. It is a place, that just happens.
Visitng Saddleworth made me understand how a Liminal Space feels. It's ancient and forgotten history floating around with the people of today. They seem to be living in a place that doesn't really acknowledge time or be connected to the outer world. 
The work below tries to capture the atmosphere and feeling my visit of the place gave me. This work has been created with a mixture of collage, photography and painting which were scanned into Photoshop and worked with digitally. 
Below are my process images in which I try to show voids and thresholds in Saddleworth, which are words that crop up a lot when discussing the Liminal Space. The finished images will then work with Augmented Reality.
I'm incredibly happy that I managed to get a working AR experience by using 'HP Reveal'
The three final images that the AR works with are based of quotes from what Andy Hemingway, Michel Foucault and Mikhail Bakhtin had said about the Liminal Space and/or the atmosphere of Saddleworth.
Download 'Hp Reveal' onto your device, follow my account 'harrietjane' then point the camera to the images below to enjoy the experience for yourself.

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